In essence this is what we do! Brand Building is made up of all the other elements outlined on this website – such as cost effective advertising, effective use of Social Media to maximise exposure, ensuring your overall online presence is well positioned etc.

Most consultancies/surveys suggest you should be allocating 10-12% of gross turnover on your marketing. To be frank that is probably on the high side for Pattaya, especially the nightlife scene, but it is perfectly feasible to build a starting marketing package for 40,000 Baht a year. Never lose sight of the fact that beyond straight “brand building” your marketing should give you a return, it’s not money lost. To keep it in context 40,000 Baht is just 4/5 good quality “repeat” customers.

Do you ever wonder why some bars and businesses in Pattaya seem to thrive and others do not?

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